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Working with dreams

Have you ever had a dream running around in your head and you ask yourself “what the heck does that mean?” Did you know that dreams carry a hidden message – and our job is to delve deep into our dream world to find what it is trying to tell us!

I absolutely LOVE working with dreams and many of my clients are blown away with message that we find hidden in their dream world. If you’d like to work on YOUR dream, just click the box and book in for YOUR dream session!



Kay is an experienced coach who utilises her coaching skills in both 1-1 and group coaching sessions, face-face and online. Kay sees coaching as a collaborative relationship between coach and client as she supports clients to achieve their goals. Kay has worked as a coach for many years and has the qualifications, skills and expertise in life coaching  to provide a rewarding coaching experience for her clients. Kay encourages a relaxed approach to coaching, much like colleagues hammering out perplexing issues over a ‘cup of tea!’

Coaching is an opportunity for clients to develop their own skills for dealing with day-to-day issues and provides a forum for receiving ongoing support and feedback.

Speaking & Training

Kay is a dynamic speaker, presenter and trainer. She has been an invited key-note speaker and conference presenter nationally and internationally and she loves nothing more than providing an engaging and valuable experience for participants.

Kay has been speaking and training for over 20 years. She has a Master of Education and a Certificate in Speaking and Presenting.

Kay is available to speak at your next Conference, seminar, workshop or business function, whether it’s for a few people or hundreds, Kay can deliver an engaging and informative session that will wow the audience.

What People Are Saying

“Kay presented on Motivational Interviewing techniques at our recent IOPO conference, and was just fabulous! Her session was very rich in content, she clearly knows her stuff, and she had obviously done her research to tailor the content to the audience. She was relaxed, relateable and funny, and got glowing feedback from all the delegates. Thanks Kay!!”

Beverley Scheepers

Professional Organizer

“Wow Kay is amazing – I wanted a coach that was so much more than a coach and this is what i got!!! So much experience to share and very intuitive – Kay picked up on something I have been trying to tell myself and others in our very first call – she listens and is guiding me to get to where I need to be – can’t wait to work with her more 

Annette Gomez

VIP Coach

“During my session, Kay was really awesome at reflecting back to me what she was hearing from me and how my energy was around what I was saying. Kay helped me get out of my total overwhelm and chart a way forward that felt really achievable. I left the call feeling way more energised and in control. Kay is an awesome coach and I totally recommend her to others!”

Beth Godwin

Health Coach


Lessons from my phone battery!

Recently, the battery on my phone was draining really fast and I knew that it would soon hit zero. So, I did what any good business woman would do – I asked an expert why my battery was draining so fast. She looked at my phone and said “… you’ve got too much junk on...

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You ARE your dream!

There are many theories of dreams and why we dream. Freud talked about dreams as suppressed parts of ourselves, trying to get out. Soon after Jung said that dreams were symbols and were messages for us from our subconscious! Today psychologists, philosophers and...

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What is your relationship myth?

Your “relationship myth” underpins YOUR relationship, how it is happening in the moment and where it is headed! It impacts on every aspect of your relationship because it is the foundation of your story that influences your relationship on a moment-to-moment basis....

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Choosing to be grateful!

How hard is it to keep going when you don’t have your work/job routine anymore? There is research that shows that people are more likely to die after they retire because they are no longer part of the workforce which means that there is no-longer the day-day routine...

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Who am I?

My recent post, where I talked about being “terminated”, is part of the broader picture of “transitions” and how we often identify ourselves according to “what we do” and not “who we are!” Many of us identify ourselves by our role, including “mother”, “grandma”,...

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Surviving “termination!”

Lately, I have been working with women who needed support through their life transitions, including retirement, moving house, losing a job, divorce, and death of a loved one. As I was looking at the issues that these women have raised, I realised that many of these...

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