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I love working with people to “make things happen!” My background in nursing, coaching and training provides me with the background, skills and expertise to support you on your next journey.



Nurses possess many skills that can be easily transferred into other areas, including running your own business. So, if you are sick of working for somebody else, want more control of what you do, when you do it and where you do it, then being a nurse business owner may well be the answer. “Nurse Biz Solutions” provides nurses with what they need to set up and run their own business. We provide webinars, training, workshops and online coaching in a number of areas including; “What do I need to know about making money?”, “How do I let people know about what I do”, “Health and Wellness”, ”Lifestyle Balance” etc.



Nurses are really good at looking after their patients, providing support and care so that they can be as healthy as possible. However, the alarming fact is that many nurses do not look after themselves as well as they look after their patients. So, to all those nurses out there who know that they need to do something about their health, help has arrived! Together we can turn around the alarming statistics that many nurses are overweight, suffer from a chronic disease and do not exercise or eat a healthy balanced diet.



Many people wonder why they dream and what their dream means. Others tell me that they “never dream”. When I hear this I want to jump in and say “don’t waste your dreams”. Dreams are full of information, strategies, hints and warnings. Unfolding your dreams uncovers information that often you didn’t know you needed. So, let’s jump in and learn about dreams, how to unwrap them and what their hidden meaning might mean for YOU! So join me in this exciting next chapter of your life, found in your own “dreamworld”. And don’t forget, harnessing the power of your dreams is not only for your personal life; they can also enhance your professional life as well. I often unfold my dreams and find some information that I needed for developing and growing my own business.


The First Steps

Forget New Year resolutions. Lets do something different and make 2016 the year when things are really happening. There is a lot of excitement about small business, enterprise and the future. To get on board means that you WILL need to make some decisions to make it happen. Kay can guide you into taking it step-by-step into the future that you want for yourself.


Make a decision and decide on what you want; write it down and start thinking about what life would be like if you actually did it!
Take action – what do you need to do NOW! You need to actually DO it! No-one can do if for you!
Imagine yourself in five years time. Are you doing what you wanted or are you stuck in the same place that you are today? The only way to go from A to B is to do something different. Contact Kay for support to help you take that next step!

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    Rosemary Williams - Special Projects/Events ISBEC
  • Kay's presentation is one that will stay in people's minds because of the way she presents and also how she engages the audience with creative visuals to make the message more understandable and interesting.
    Rosemary Williams - Special Projects/Events ISBEC
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