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Kay Ross


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Hi! – my name is Kay Ross

If you are ready to change your life, then you are in the right place. I support women to identify their goals and develop a plan of action to take their next step.

 I am expert at Course Creation. I have a Masters of Education and I have been creating courses for over 30 years. During my many years as an Academic at University and Colleges, I developed over 50 online courses and supported new staff on their own journey, to develop their own courses.


What I Do

Course Creation

If you are looking for an expert course developer and designer then look no further! I have worked as an educational consultant to businesses, univeristies and colleges, as well as an Academic in Universities in Australia and the USA. I have a Masters of Education, a Certificate in Workplace Planning and Assessment and over 20 years of ongoing training and education in adult learning, course development and content planning.


Kay is an experienced coach who utilises her coaching skills in both 1-1 and group coaching sessions, face-face and online. Kay sees coaching as a collaborative relationship between coach and client as she supports clients to achieve their goals. Kay has worked as a coach for many years and has the qualifications, skills and expertise in life coaching  to provide a rewarding coaching experience for her clients. Kay encourages a relaxed approach to coaching, much like colleagues hammering out perplexing issues over a ‘cup of tea!’


Speaking & Training

Kay is a dynamic speaker, presenter and trainer. She has been an invited key-note speaker and conference presenter nationally and internationally and she loves nothing more than providing an engaging and valuable experience for participants.

Kay has been speaking and training for over 20 years. She has a Master of Education and a Certificate in Speaking and Presenting.



Amanda Gomez

“Wow Kay is amazing – I wanted a coach that was so much more than a coach and this is what i got!!! So much experience to share and very intuitive – Kay picked up on something I have been trying to tell myself and others in our very first call – she listens and is guiding me to get to where I need to be – can’t wait to work with her more 

Beth Godwin

“During my session, Kay was really awesome at reflecting back to me what she was hearing from me and how my energy was around what I was saying. Kay helped me get out of my total overwhelm and chart a way forward that felt really achievable. I left the call feeling way more energised and in control. Kay is an awesome coach and I totally recommend her to others!”

Beverley Scheepers

“Kay presented on Motivational Interviewing techniques at our recent IOPO conference, and was just fabulous! Her session was very rich in content, she clearly knows her stuff, and she had obviously done her research to tailor the content to the audience. She was relaxed, relateable and funny, and got glowing feedback from all the delegates. Thanks Kay!!”


Are you a rebel?
Are you a rebel?

Do you always do what you’ve been told? Or are you someone who finds that they need to do it differently? There are so many gurus and experts out there telling you what you “should” do to set up your business, get more clients, or make more money! And, let’s face it,...

The proof is in the pudding!
The proof is in the pudding!

I love this saying. It reminds me to check things out and find the “proof” before spending my money on something that doesn’t meet the promises made in flashy sales pages and advertisements! It reminds me to double check before I buy from someone who I have never met...

It’s my time!
It’s my time!

How many times have you told yourself that it’s time to do something different? That this time you WILL do something about always feeling tired and overwhelmed? Or that living with chronic illness/pain is no longer an option and you will find something that helps? Or...

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