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Health Coaching

⭐️ Do you want to let go of whatever is stopping you from getting the health you want?

⭐️ Do you want to want to eat healthier, reduce stress, sleep better or better manage chronic diseases such as diabetes, high blood pressure, emphysema and high cholesterol?

⭐️ Have you always felt something is stopping you from achieving your ideal health?

⭐️ Is it time for you to let go of the old you and kickstart your health and wellness journey?


Kay is a dynamic speaker and presenter. She has been an invited key-note speaker and conference presenter nationally and internationally and she loves nothing more than providing an engaging and valuable experience for participants.

Kay has been speaking and training for over 20 years. She has a Masters of Education and a Certificate in Speaking and Presenting. She is also an expert online training developer and has numerous online training modules available.

Kay is available to speak at your next Conference, workshop or business function.


If you are like most people you probably dream, have popped it on the backburner somewhere and then got on with your life. You may fleetingly wonder about dreams, you may even get excited about a particular dream but you aren’t quite sure what to do about it, so you thought about if for a while and then forgot it. OR you may even think that dreams are a waste of time but you have an idle curiosity about why people dream and wonder whether there is more to your dreams that you ever thought.

What People Are Saying

“Kay presented on Motivational Interviewing techniques at our recent IOPO conference, and was just fabulous! Her session was very rich in content, she clearly knows her stuff, and she had obviously done her research to tailor the content to the audience. She was relaxed, relateable and funny, and got glowing feedback from all the delegates. Thanks Kay!!”

Beverley Scheepers

Professional Organizer

“Wow Kay is amazing – I wanted a coach that was so much more than a coach and this is what i got!!! So much experience to share and very intuitive – Kay picked up on something I have been trying to tell myself and others in our very first call – she listens and is guiding me to get to where I need to be – can’t wait to work with her more 

Amanda Gomez

VIP Coach

“The hour I spent with Kay I learnt so much about myself and how I was showing up in my business. Kay was really awesome at reflecting back to me what she was hearing from me and how my energy was around what I was saying. Things I had absolutely no idea of. Kay helped me get out of my total overwhelm and chart a way forward that felt really achievable. I left the call feeling way more energised and in control. Thank you Kay. You are an awesome coach and I totally recommend you to others!”

Beth Godwin

Health Coach


How to spot a “fake” Health Coach!

I recently saw the headline “Model/influencer Tegan Martin has been accused of 'exaggerating' her health qualifications.” (https://www.mamamia.com.au/tegan-martin-health-coaching/) and Belle Gibson, a ‘wellness’ blogger has been accused of fraud and deception -...

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Life Balance!

More and more people are talking about ‘life balance’ and what that means to their quality of life. This is especially true at this time of the year when we take a moment to ponder of where we are, how we are felling and where we want to be! Life balance can be...

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Is your coach really a coach?

What is coaching? I have been a coach for many years, after transitioning form counselling and teaching, I completed my coach training in the US and then updated my coaching studies in Australia. These studies included many hours of study, practice, supervision,...

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Can you get away with “white lies”?

Can you get away with “white lies”? How important is it to be completely transparent in what you are doing as a small business owner? This article explores a growing phenomen where replay webinars are adverised as "live"! Fake "Live" webinars Over the last few months...

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“Don’t worry – Not every deal is winnable!”

“Don’t worry - Not every deal is winnable!” This is the message that came up this morning when I was playing a game. My first reaction was – oh. Well then, I shouldn’t get upset if I don’t win – it was probably one that I couldn’t win anyway! After I thought about it...

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How important are ‘first impressions?’

I recently booked in (and paid) for a session with a business coach on Zoom - she was advertising a coaching program that looked interesting and I decided to see what her coaching style was like before I committed to buying her program. When we connected, the first...

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