If you are looking for coaching, support and mentoring to develop your speaking skills, build your online business and get your message out to the world, then you are in the right place


I love working with people to “make things happen!” My background in speaking, coaching, training and nursing provides me with the skills and expertise to support you on your next journey.


My CPD Academy is an online academy for nurses, midwives and other health professionals. It provides online courses and training which can be used to complete CPD requirements.

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Many people wonder why they dream and what their dream means. Others tell me that they “never dream”. When I hear this I want to jump in and say “don’t waste your dreams”. Dreams are full of information, strategies, hints and warnings. Unfolding your dreams uncovers information that often you didn’t know you needed. So, let’s jump in and learn about dreams, how to unwrap them and what their hidden meaning might mean for YOU! So join me in this exciting next chapter of your life, found in your own “dreamworld”. And don’t forget, harnessing the power of your dreams is not only for your personal life; they can also enhance your professional life as well. I often unfold my dreams and find some information that I needed for developing and growing my own business.


  • Kay presented on Motivational Interviewing techniques at our recent IOPO conference, and was just fabulous! Her session was very rich in content, she clearly knows her stuff, and she had obviously done her research to tailor the content to the audience. She was relaxed, relateable and funny, and got glowing feedback from all the delegates. Thanks Kay
    Beverley Scheepers
    Professional Organiser
  • Wow Kay is amazing - I wanted a coach that was so much more than a coach and this is what i got!!! So much experience to share and very intuitive - Kay picked up on something I have been trying to tell myself and others in our very first call - she listens and is guiding me to get to where I need to be - can't wait to work with her more :)
    Annette Gomez Coach - 5 Star Event Secrets
  • The hour I spent with Kay I learnt so much about myself and how I was showing up in my business. Kay was really awesome at reflecting back to me what she was hearing from me and how my energy was around what I was saying. Things I had absolutely no idea of. Kay helped me get out of my total overwhelm and chart a way forward that felt really achievable. I left the call feeling way more energised and in control. Thank you Kay. You are an awesome coach and I totally recommend you to others.
    Beth Godwin - Coach
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