There are many theories of dreams and why we dream. Freud talked about dreams as suppressed parts of ourselves, trying to get out. Soon after Jung said that dreams were symbols and were messages for us from our subconscious!

Today psychologists, philosophers and researchers have theorised literally millions of reasons of why we dream. After many years of studying dreams and working with my own dreams, I have found that dreams are a part of our subconscious that has a message for us. This message could be very obvious, such as someone who wants to know which direction they take and then they dream about the solution! Other dreams are bit more of a challenge, such as “Kathy” who dreamt that she was on a golf course, tearing around in a golf cart and then came to a cliff edge, and she was scared that she was about to fall off!”

Kathy told me that she’d never played golf and that she thought that it “was a stupid game where rich people walked around with sticks, hitting a small ball!” I asked her about being at the edge of the cliff (she had expressed fear when talking about that part of the dream!)

As we unfolded that part of the dream, I encouraged Kathy to become the golf cart, sitting at the edge of the cliff! She was reluctant at first, but with encouragement, she “became” the golf cart and the first thing she said was “I hate being at the edge. I feel scared that I am going to just fall off. There’s not supposed to any cliffs on a golf course – after all, most golfers are old, rich men who don’t take any risks!”

As Kathy was describing her experience of being the golf cart, she looked at me and said “I feel like I’ve hit an edge in my business. I am sick of all these male “gurus” who tell me what I should do, and they make it all look so easy. They are like those rich golfers in my dream! I need to use the golf cart to take me to where I want to go and bypass those old men who have no idea of who I am and what I need!” We then worked out a plan for Kathy to move forward in her business, believing in herself and not needing to listen to those “rich old men!”

Working with Kathy was a great reminder that dreams are parts of ourselves and that we can unfold every part of the dream to find the hidden message!

This week I have something brand new for you – a Dream Challenge!

I am challenging you to bring a dream (old or new, long or short, night or awake) hop on to a call with me and let’s see what your dream has to say about your business! If you are in the beginning start-up phase, this can show you how to proceed with your business goals. If you are already working in your business, then let’s see what your dreamworld has to say about going forward!

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