Can I use on-line courses towards my yearly CPD hours?

Any CPD will do!
January 7, 2016
Need for yearly CPD for Australian health professionals
May 23, 2016

Can I use on-line courses towards my yearly CPD hours?

This is a question that I get asked frequently. There is a lot of confusion about what can and can’t be used towards the annual CPD requirements for health professionals.

The easy answer is “yes”! AHPRA requires most Australian health professionals to maintain their currency by completing a set number of CPD hours each year. There are no “rules” on how to do this. This means, that as long as you can show how the CPD relates to your area of practice, then you may use it as part of your CPD requirements. So … the bottom line is; you MUST be able to relate and document all of your CPD to your area of practice – how you do this is up to you.

There are many different avenues that you can use to complete your CPD, including in-service, classes, conferences, workshops, seminars, and coaching. The delivery of these is up to you and can include face-face and on-line. The most important thing is that your CPD is documented and can be related to your area of practice.

In my next blog I will be looking at how to choose your CPD. If you would like a free outline on how to document your CPD requirements, contact me and I will send you this FREE outline

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