What is a workshop?

A workshop is generally is 1-3 days in length, with smaller (up to 30) participants. The difference between a workshop and seminar or lecture, is that workshops involve activity and interaction, where participants are more hands on with their own learning.

Kay has facilitated workshops for over 20 years, and she loves the small group interaction and feedback from workshop participants is always positive with comments including “I loved how Kay ensured that everyone participated in the group activities and made us all feel comfortable with asking and answering questions”.

Why have a workshop?

There are many instances when running a workshop is the ideal format for your group or business. Workshops formats include; breakout sessions, pre and post conferences workshops, professional/personal development gatherings – in fact anything where participants need to be an involved learner and not just a passive listener.

Popular Workshop Topics


Beating Burnout

This popular workshop encourages participants to identify what burnout means for them and why it happens. Depending on participants’ needs, it is easily adaptable for either 1 or 2 days. Particpants leave with the tools and strategies they need to “Beat Burnout” as well as a new-found confidence in moving forward

Manifesting your dream

This interactive workshop shows participants how to delve into their dreams and develop the tools for manifesting it – whether it be a relationship, home, career, finances or other long-held dream. Participants are encouraged to identify what they want and develop the strategies for manifesting it. Many participants describe the “light-bulb” moments they experienced as a result of attending the workshop.


Business Basics

This popular workshop includes exercises and demonstration on the basics of starting your own business, starting with an idea, identifying your niche and developing a business plan, ready to launch. This workshop provides the tools to get started, as well as ideas for going forward.


Other available workshops

Kay has facilitated many workshops including Communication Skills, Stress Management, Health & Wellness, Business Building, Motivational Interviewing, Chronic Condition Self-Management, Dealing with risky lifestyle choices, Self-Esteem, Time Management, Team Work and Self-Care for busy entrepreneurs – don’t worry if you don’t see your desired workshop listed here – often Kay is able to develop a workshop specifically for your needs. Contact Kay for more information

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