Part 2 of our house hunting saga!

Well – we are still house hunting!  And we are finding a lot of places on the realtor sites do NOT match the reality! The house (above) looked great online – it was bright, clean, well-kept and looked inviting. However the reality was the complete opposite. It was dirty, run down and uncared for. So … why do agents blatantly lie about the house? They show touched up pictures that look like the house was well-looked after, with light filled rooms and well cared for gardens and lawn! Do they think that we’ll overlook the reality and get hooked into the “dream” that they are trying to sell?

Any other business would be  inundated with complaints and social media would be well and truly in meltdown with accusations of lying and misleading people.

But … if someone can get away with it, then they do. I asked one agent why the house looked nothing like the pictures and his answer was “well, the photos were taken about four years ago, before the tenants moved in!” He was saying that it wasn’t a problem because the photos were “real” and it wasn’t his fault that the tenants had trashed the house since the photos had been taken! Is it any wonder that realtors are low on the totem pole of trusted professions when that is their attitude. 

I have got to the stage where I just don’t believe anything on the real estate sites – I go to see these house and play the game of “I wonder if anything was true” because that is the only way to deal with it! 

The house hunting experience is relevant to business, both as an owner and also as a potential buyer. It has made me hesitant to buy anything from someone I don’t know. I hang out in their group, I watch how they handle questions and complaints, and most of all, I watch how they “sell” to their audience! Are they telling the whole truth, or do they just talk about how things were in the past? Are they upfront with what they are doing or do they “embellish” with misleading pictures and promises?

The answers to these questions could be the difference between selling with integrity or being someone who is known for misleading people in the hope that they will be blind to the truth! I know who I want to be? What about you!

Inbetween house hunting, sorting, decluttering and packing, I am still working with clients – if you’d like to hop onto a complimentary Inner Wisdom Breakthrough session, just click the link! -and let’s explore how your own inner wisdom can be harnessed for decision making in business and in life.

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