My recent post, where I talked about being “terminated”, is part of the broader picture of “transitions” and how we often identify ourselves according to “what we do” and not “who we are!” Many of us identify ourselves by our role, including “mother”, “grandma”, “wife” etc as well as our career and/or job.

This brings up the question “who am I?” This question often arises during transitions – as I went from a “lecturer” to “I work for myself”, I questioned who I was and what I am doing here. This happens to most of us at different times of our lives; transitioning from “married” to divorced, widowed or single is a big transition that can happen suddenly and without warning. And for those of you who have children, even though you “know” that your children will leave home at some point, transitioning from “mum” to an “empty nester” can take a while to accept.

Dealing with “who am I?” is highlighted during a transition phase and can cause some people to question their very existence, their being and what they’ve been put on this earth to do! There is no easy “answer” to the question, but there are ways of making the journey easier to navigate!

For most of my adult life my identity has largely been tied to my career, and during this time I identified as a nurse, counsellor, coach, lecturer, etc. Since moving on from paid employment it has been more difficult to describe who I am because “what I do” has changed into something that is more fluid and not so easily named! Not having a “job” has meant that I have been questioning my identity – who am I if I’m no longer a “lecturer?” The answer is multifaceted and I’ve now realised that I am much more than my “job!” If I write “I am …” at the top of a page and challenge myself to respond with at least 10 descriptors, I am tempted to go with the same words that I have used in the past. But if I delve deeper into my soul, I find that I am much more than a “mid-life woman”. I am a fierce lioness who defends her beliefs, no matter what. I am also a goddess who stands up for what is right and who fights for those who cannot fight for themselves. I am also a protective bear who nurtures her babies and teaches them how to grow and flourish in a world that can be terrifying at the same time that it is exciting! I find myself feeling excited at these “new” identities that are emerging. The common theme is “me” in the middle and who I am are the circles that surround my very being. So, when you ask me who I am, I am all of that and more! Who are you?

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