Stating the obvious

Sometimes the most obvious answer is staring us in the face! This week I was challenged to offer my services differently and to include working with women who have health challenges, including pain, chronic illness etc

My initial response was “no” I can’t promise to “heal” or “cure” anyone! I caught myself saying that and realised that that was has been holding me back from doing something I love – working with women to unfold the hidden meaning behind their symptoms. Much like “dream work”, symptoms are our inner world giving us a signal. My passion is to address that signal, uncover its’ meaning and use that to make decisions to do things differently. 

Following your path

So, I sat down and started crafting an offer and within one hour I had someone sign up for my free session to explore her pain – which she’d had for ages and no-one, including her doctor, physio or naturopath could help. Within a few minutes of her deep diving into the message behind her pain, she said “wow, the pain has gone – that’s incredible!” We talked some more about the message behind her pain  – she needs to make some huge changes in her life and some of these changes are not going to be easy. But now she has information that she didn’t have before;

  1. Her body is really good at telling her something needs to be addressed
  2. She knows what she needs to do – this is where “free will” comes in. She can choose to follow her body’s wisdom and make those changes. Or she can continue to do what she is currently doing and expect her pain to return

What’s next?

Have you ever had a symptom that hung around and you wished would just “go away!” Or you currently have an ongoing health issue and you’d love to understand why it is there? If you’d like to explore your health issues, then I do have a few FREE spots available for you to deep dive into your symptoms Just click the link, choose a time and day that works for you, and let’s talk soon. I can’t wait to go on this adventure with you!

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