I love this saying. It reminds me to check things out and find the “proof” before spending my money on something that doesn’t meet the promises made in flashy sales pages and advertisements! It reminds me to double check before I buy from someone who I have never met and do my due diligence before going ahead with something that I later regret!

Recently, I came across someone (let’s call him “Tony” – not his real name) whose ad offered to help entrepreneurs create courses that would make them a lot of money. Now, as someone who creates courses, this piqued my interest. So, I decided to look a bit further into who Tony was and what he was offering. The promises looked too good to be true and I had never heard of Tony before I saw his ad which proclaimed that anyone could “Create a course in 30 days and make thousands of dollars!”

Another red flag was that there was very little information on who Tony was and what made him an expert who “had helped hundreds of entrepreneurs make thousands of dollars by creating lucrative courses!”

I “Googled” Tony’s name and found very little about him – there was one website that was basically a sales page on course creation! So, I dug deeper by Googling the outcomes that Tony was promising. I found very similar worded promises in a number of sites, belonging to other people, but nothing on “Tony”. So, I searched Facebook, Instagram, YouTube and LinkedIn and all I found were a few posts on creating courses and nothing else. His Social Media had no testimonials, other than generic “Ben, a mechanic …” and “Debby, a florist …”  and the first post was 3 months old. Now, I was getting really interested in who Tony was and what had he been up to before he became a course creator!

I don’t know the answer to those questions because I still haven’t “found” Tony. But the lack of history suggests that maybe Tony isn’t as qualified as he would like us to believe – and maybe, he isn’t the best person to go to learn about course creation.

This got me thinking – if I was looking for someone to help me with creating a course, there are a few things that I would need before signing up!

  1. I want to know the person – this means that I have built a relationship with them over at least a few months. I have watched their videos, read their blogs, joined their FB group/page and also watched them respond to comments and questions from their audience. Tony had absolutely NO interaction with anyone and just a few random posts of FB.
  2. What qualifications, skills and experience does the person have? All I know about Tony is what he tells me on his sales page about how good he is at course creation.
  3. What do other people say? I like to read testimonials and if I am considering buying something, I will often check the authenticity of these testimonials to validate them. Tony’s testimonials were impossible to check because all he had was their first name and profession.

So – guess what – I don’t plan on buying anything from Tony.

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