Wow – no-one could have predicted that in 2020 we would be in lockdown with very little contact with the outside world. Some of us see this time as an opportunity to get done all those things that we haven’t had time for. Others are feeling stuck and not sure what to do next!

If you are in the second camp – then welcome. You are not alone. Many of us are feeling stuck because we just don’t know what to do. We’re stuck in indecision, and so nothing happens – we are too scared to make the wrong decision or to do the wrong thing. If you find yourself stuck there are a few things you can do;

  1. Be kind to yourself. Don’t berate yourself or give yourself a hard time because that will just make things worse.
  2. Choose ONE problem that you would like to solve. Write it down at the top of a blank piece of paper. Then write down every solution you can think of – even the wild and wacky ones. Don’t stop until you’ve got at least 10. Don’t leave any off because they are stupid or won’t work.
  3. Look at your list of solutions and choose ONE solution and come up with how you will achieve it. If you start panicking – ask yourself – “what is the worse that can happen if it doesn’t work?” Often the answer is no worse than if you hadn’t done anything!
  4. Develop a plan to implement your solution.
  5. And as Nike would say “Just do it!”

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