If you need help, yell LOUDLY! Don’t be polite – otherwise you will drown, unnoticed in the ocean of overwhelm! And if no-one hears, keep shouting until you are heard. Ane when help arrives – grab it tightly until you are back on solid ground.

I recently dreamt about being swept out to sea by a very strong current. It was too strong to swim against and so I realised that I needed help to get back into shore. I put my hand up (to signal that I needed help) and yelled loudly “help”! But help didn’t come straight away and I needed to keep yelling really loudly, for help. I kept yelling and shouting and waving my hand wildly until, eventually, someone did see me, and swam out and helped me back to solid ground.

The dream reminded me that when we need help we have to ASK for it. People don’t just realise that we need help – if I didn’t shout for help I would have drowned. If I just hoped that someone would see me and swim out for me, then nothing would have happened, and I would have quietly droned and no-one would have noticed. The message here is clear – yell LOUDLY and keep yelling until help arrives. And if no-one comes immediately, keep yelling until they do!

Do you need help? Are you being pulled out of your depth and drowning? Are you just hoping that someone will notice and rescue you? If “yes” then stop what you are doing and yell really loud. Shout until someone hears you. And when help arrives, grab onto to it.

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