It’s hard to believe that 2019 is almost over. What happened?

Lately I’ve been talking to friends and colleagues about 2019 and most are saying that basically 2019 ‘sucked’ Not just personally, but professionally as well. Other comments include;

  •       Nothing really worked out the way I wanted
  •       I had so many dreams and plans – but they didn’t happen
  •       I am disappointed in myself – I should have done more!
  •       I wish that I could’ve reached my goals/ dreams

If you’re nodding “yes” then you’re in good company with the many women who feel the same way -you just wish things could have worked out differently.

Looking back to December 2018, many of us sat down and planned what we were going to do in 2019 and what we wanted to achieve. We wrote out our goals, developed vision boards, worked on our mindset, posted affirmations and journaled like crazy. But the results aren’t what you were hoping for! So, the question now is, what happened? What went wrong?

The answers to these questions are crucial if 2020 is going to be different. After working with many women, just like yourself, and reflecting back on 2019, I realised most women don’t want to be in the same place in 2020, wishing that things were different. But don’t despair – there is some good news! After a lot of research, feedback and brainstorming, I developed a brand-new offer- “Women rocking 2020” for women who want to “rock” 2020. The course is full of strategies that I have used with my clients and that have proven to work for those of us who are ready for 2020 to be different. If that is you, then “Women Rocking 2020” is just what you need.

“Women Rocking 2020” starts on 1st December and consists of six modules which open every two weeks. Each module contains short videos and worksheets that show you how to say goodbye to 2019, learn from what happened and “rock 2020”! The first two modules (open 1st and 14th December AEST) provide you with what you need to farewell 2019 and joyfully welcome 2020. The following four modules take you through a journey of evaluation, goal setting, mindset strategies, dreamwork and commitment which will support you to “rock 2020”. And if you are signing up after 1 December – don’t worry! The modules will release immediately so that you too can “rock” 2020!

The “Women Rocking 2020” course could easily sell for $597 – however, because this is a brand-new course, for a short time only your investment is ONLY $97 (AUD).

Don’t delay – we will be starting soon! Just click the link and I’ll “see” you there! I can’t wait to see you “rock 2020!” Let’s do this! 

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