What I do!

I support busy, stressed-out professional women to use intuition, dreams and creativity to let go of emotional and mental clutter so they can excel in their life and business

I present and speak at conferences and workshops, providing a dynamic, engaging and content-filled presentation for groups, businesses and organisations.


Who am I?

Hi, My name is Kay Ross and I am an intuitive  coach, mentor and speaker.

I have coached and supported busy, stressed-out women for over 30 years. My Diplomas in Process Oriented Psychology and Life Coaching and Certificates in Gestalt Therapy and Transactional Analysis, plus my skills and expertise help ensure that clients are able to move forward and let go of their inner clutter. I have facilitated decluttering, creativity, dream and intuition workshops and trainings at Universities, Colleges, Business and Community groups.

My Philosophy

Every journey starts with the first step which is often realising that you want things to be different! I am here to support you to deep dive into your dreams so that you can achieve what you are on this earth to do!

My Methods

I am here for all you amazing women who have achieved so much in your life and yet have a longing for “more” ! A longing to show up as a grander version of yourself, embody your inner Goddess and live with more passion, more aliveness, more confidence and achieve your life purpose – whatever that is for YOU!

My Goals

My goals are to live the best life that I can, with integrity, honesty, fun and humour! I love noticing the signs that the Universe gives me, unravelling them to find the meaning, and to use these as signposts in moving forward! These provide me with the skills and expertise needed when developing and delivering presentations, as well as working with clients 1-1 and in groups.


Kay is a dynamic speaker and works to ensure that her session is well-received by participants. Kay uses her expertise as a skilled speaker to ensure that the audience receives the information in an engaging and thoughtful manner. Kay’s use of humour and anecdotes keep participants engaged in the process and her ability to “think on her feet” provides a positive learning environment for everyone! Contact Kay for more information on having Kay speak at your next event!


Kay is an accredited coach who supports women to catch life’s events, synchronicities, intuition and dreams, unfold them, identify their message and help to develop a plan to utilise their energy and power. Kay has coached women for over 20 years and has a background in coaching and human psychology. Kay offers online and face-face 1-1 and group coaching sessions for women who want to move forward, change direction or do things differently by exploring and unfolding their own life events.



Kay presents and delivers workshops, face-face and online. Kay especially loves working with women who are challenged by ‘life’ whether that is feeling stuck, overwhelmed and frustrated by what is happening (or not happening) in their career, relationships, health or feeling that life is “just passing me by!”

Workshops are also a valuable tool for businesses and organisations to present new ideas/concepts and to provide participants the time and opportunity to involve themselves in the process of decision making and goal achievement.

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