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My past journey has brought me to the place where I am today. I trained as a children’s nurse, back in the day when training was hospital based. They let us loose on ‘real patients’ (i.e. sick kids) after six weeks of lectures. During that time I made lifelong friends – there was no such thing as finishing work on time, so we’d all pitch in so that we could home sometime! I was 20 years old when I graduated as a RN – six months later I was the ‘night supervisor’, in charge of 12 wards and about 200 kids. I didn’t have time to wonder about whether I could do anything – I was just expected to do it.
I went on and completed my midwifery training and also trained as an ICU nurse. That means that I don’t panic when s..t happens and I’ve probably seen the best and worst of people. I also learnt to prioritise, organise, time manage and make decisions on the fly. The one constant has always been – I never know what’s going to happen next.

During this time I developed a love of teaching and completed my Educational qualifications while still working full-time as a nurse. I then studied counselling and coaching in Australia and the US.

Today I have my own business, working as a coach, presenter and speaker. I have worked in the corporate and higher education sectors, developing and implementing education strategies that address learning and training requirements. I offer a range of coaching and training services, including professional and education course development and tailored coaching solutions.

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