Overwhelm and exhaustion

Most women are exhausted and burnt-out as they navigate life’s challenges, including career, money, relationships and health. Many women are also asking themselves – is this it? Is this all there is? Today, life is full of ever-increasing pressures on our time, leading to anxiety, worry and feeling ‘stuck’ or ‘stagnant’. If this is you, then contact Kay to see if we are a good fit to work together!


As we navigate life, we are presented with transitions, or life stages, that result from changes in career, family, friends, our home, health and numerous other ‘challenges’ that life throws at us. This happens whether we are ready or not!  For women who would like support to navigate life transitions, then the “Transition Program” could be just what you need. Click the button for more information on how Kay can support you through these transitions!

Why these programs work!


Individualised support

Your program is tailored to YOUR specific goals and desires! You will be guided to explore the issues that are affecting YOU and together we will develop a plan for moving forward!


Private FB Group

Access to a private FaceBook group where you can ask questions, share experiences and talk to Kay “live” (during FB Live  calls).  

Access anywhere/anytime

The online program can be accessed anywhere/anytime that you have access to the internet – no more travel/parking/ time issues

Cost effective

Programs consist of one-one coaching, email support and access to a private FB group. These programs offer a saving of at least 10%, compared to buying these seperately.

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