Recently, the battery on my phone was draining really fast and I knew that it would soon hit zero. So, I did what any good business woman would do – I asked an expert why my battery was draining so fast. She looked at my phone and said “… you’ve got too much junk on here. You need to clear the cache, optimise your programs, and declutter the stuff you’re not using anymore. I’ll put an app on it to do the job for you”! And it worked!!!! Last night my battery held its charge and now all I need to do is to remember to clean it out every week or so.

This got me thinking about the women that I have been working with over the last few months and how their journey is exactly the same as my phone’s battery! As I have been refining who I work with, I’ve supported women to “declutter” their relationships, get rid off what was causing them to burnout or feel overwhelmed and tapped into their dreams to uncover the dreams’ hidden meaning. All of these processes have been a step towards “emotional decluttering” or “clearing out the junk” to optimise their inner world so that the new has room to appear. The processes towards their goals have been similar and included identifying what was in the way of moving forward and developing a plan for achieving their goals. And as Marie Kondo says; “Focusing on what sparks joy for you – instead of what doesn’t – is a simple way to improve your outlook on the world.” (

This is what I do – I support women to declutter their inner world and identify what they need to let go off, so that they can focus on “what brings joy!”

If you know that something inside you needs to be decluttered and you’re not sure how to do it, then the answer is exactly what I did to do to get my battery back to holding its charge (energy);

  1. Acknowledge your inner junk
  2. Find an expert to show you want to do
  3. Install a new “decluttering” program
  4. Press the “clean it now” button
  5. Clear it out (emotional decluttering)

Click here for your own “inner decluttering program” – in 45 minutes you will;

  1. Identify ONE inner issue that needs decluttering
  2. Organise your emotional archive
  3. Declutter it!

Sounds easy doesn’t it? And it is if you’ve got the support to do it! Just click this link, find a time and day that suits you and pay just $67 (AUD) introductory price – this price disappears in 7 days (after that the price does revert back to the normal price of $97).

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