I woke up this morning thinking of a dream that I had a few years ago. In the dream I was on fast moving train, and I couldn’t get off – it was going too fast. When I unfolded the dream I realised that my life was going way too fast and I felt like I couldn’t get off! I worked on “slowing down the train (my life)” so that I could get off where I wanted to, rather than speeding through all the stops!

So, back to this morning. At the moment I do feel like I am back on that train. I am holding on tightly because I don’t want to fall over, and the train is going really fast and I can’t stop it. I feel like I have no control over the train – how fast it is going, where it is going or how I got there in the first place! And I can’t work out how to stop it – we are hurtling through all the stations and I want to stop and get off, but I can’t!

Currently, in my waking life, the speed of everything around me feels “too fast!”, especially as I reflect on back 2019 and ponder what’s happening in 2020. I have made numerous lists, outlined my goals and described, in detail, what I want to achieve in 2020. But the train is going way too fast for me to even think about those lists. My focus, on the train, is to hang on, and not fall over. I also realise that I am scared and I am trying not to panic!

There is a lot happening in the dream (which is a reflection of my life) and there are lots of messages hidden. It could be about me wanting to stop the train, and jumping as we hurtle past a platform. But that option isn’t very enticing because I am not James Bond and I know that I will hurt myself if I do that! Unfolding the dream even more, I realise that sometimes it is tempting to jump on the fast train, bypass some of the stops and arrive a bit earlier. But my dream is telling me to look at finding a slower train, so that I am in more control and get off at whatever station I want to, without getting hurt.

In reality this means thatI I need to be more aware of getting stuck on  the train and being taking for a ride. It’s much easier to find a slower train – the journey might take a bit longer bit I’m more likely to arrive in one piece.

Life lessons from this dream;

  1. Even “old” dreams still carry meaning for today
  2. Go deep to find the message
  3. Don’t be afraid of trying on the different messages to find the right one for you

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