What does house hunting have to do with running a business? The answer – quite a bit.

First – I hadn’t planned for the unexpected call from a selling agent telling me that the owner was selling and that he needed to organise an open home with us! What the heck!!!! I was just getting ready to run a number of workshops -face-face and online – and all of a sudden my life was thrown into chaos.

Where will we move? 

How will we find a place?

This reminded me of how important it is in business to have contingency plans in place for the unexpected. 

Secondly – The good news is that this unexpected news really forced us to stop and think about what we could do to protect ourselves from this happening again. Our last landlord’s daughter decided that she liked our place and wanted to move in. So, we were told that he wasn’t renewing our lease – despite us being model tenants. So, this current situation was the second time that something beyond our control was displacing us from our home – the lesson here was – we needed to be prepared because tenants can be displaced at any time. The lesson for business is – how secure are your foundations and are you in charge of where you are. A great example here is – where are your files, database etc located? Are you in charge of the location or are they hosted by a third party that could “relocate” you at their whim?

Thirdly – we assumed that we couldn’t buy a home. We didn’t have the funds and we didn’t qualify for a mortgage, so we needed to get really creative with coming up with the money to buy our own place. We found a great FInancial Planner, and with some juggling, moving Super and locating every cent we do have enough to buy our new home. The lessons here was – get creative, ask the experts all your questions, listen carefully to the answers and be willing to do something different to what you’ve done before! Don’t give up before you’ve exhausted every avenue and don’t assume you know the answers without checking. We have spent a lot of time on the phone with the State’s Tenancy Authority and have been given great (free) advice about our rights and responsibilities (and we also know what the landlord and property manager need to do as well). As they say, “knowledge is power” and knowing what we know now has lifted a huge burden. We didn’t know that the property manager has to give us a “Notice to vacate” – finding that out was a huge relief because it gives us an extra 60 days to find  our new home. If we hadn’t asked the question, we’d be in a real panic now because the end of out Lease is only 2 weeks away.

Stay tuned for part 2 where I talk about the experience of looking for our new home.

The good news is – because I am location independent, I am still working with clients; if you’d like to hop onto a complimentary Inner Wisdom Breakthrough session, just click the link!

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