More and more people are talking about ‘life balance’ and what that means to their quality of life. This is especially true at this time of the year when we take a moment to ponder of where we are, how we are felling and where we want to be!

Life balance can be defined as a comfortable state of equilibrium between work, lifestyle and personal priorities. As we approach the holiday season, it is even more important to ensure that we balance all areas so that we can enjoy what the season brings! Focussing on just one area (e.g. work/finances) means that other areas (home, lifestyle etc) will be off-kilter and out of balance. NOW is the time to reflect on how you spend your time and energy and ensure that you are achieving balance in ALL areas

As the year draws to a close it is an opportune time to reflect on what did (and didn’t happen) during 2018. This reflection also provides an opportunity to check in with has worked and what hasn’t! For women, the question of balance often arises – the never-ending challenge to find a balance between work/career, family/relationships and lifestyle. Many women find that they have been focussing on just one or two areas, to the detriment of the others! So, what needs to happen when we find ourselves with an-out-of-balance life?

  1. The first step is to recognise that there are areas that are not balanced – there are many areas that we could explore but most will fall into one of four broad categories;
  • career/work
  • family/relationships
  • lifestyle (home/travel/health)
  • spirituality/personal development

2. The next step is to decide what needs to be different – e.g. you realise that you have neglected your lifestyle and you can’t remember the last time that you just relaxed and had fun!

3.The third step is to develop an achievable goal to address your neglected area e.g. your goal is to catch up with friends for a coffee/movie/walk at least every two weeks (N.B. remember to make your goal      achievable)

4. Review your goal/s on a regular basis –  set aside time each month where you review your goal/s. Reward yourself for the goals that you achieved and explore the reasons that you didn’t get there.

5. Reflect on your life balance. Are you feeling that each area is now feeling more balanced? If not – why not? If ‘yes’ – then congratulations for getting closer to achieving a balanced life!








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