How many times have you told yourself that it’s time to do something different? That this time you WILL do something about always feeling tired and overwhelmed? Or that living with chronic illness/pain is no longer an option and you will find something that helps? Or that life is just too much and you don’t even know where to start?

If you are over 50, you are like most women – life is changing and things are not like they used to be. And you also know that, unless something changes, that these issues will NOT just go away.

As we headed into 2020 there was a lot of hype about the new year and the new decade. We all heard about setting new goals, saying goodbye to 2019 and heralding in 2020 with enthusiasm and excitement. But it’s hard to get excited when so much is happening in our lives and most of it feels outside of our control. 

If you are feeling like life is passing you by so fast that you can’t keep up, then you are not alone! Sometimes it feels like you are drowning in a  sea of “stuff” and it’s hard to know what to do first, and what can wait. You might wonder how you are going to cope as your body develops aches and pains and you‘re told that “it’s all a part of getting old”.

I empower frustrated and overwhelmed women, who are feeling “stuck” in their life, to uncover the spark and inspiration for their dreams, goals and life purpose. I am an experienced coach, speaker and presenter who has worked with women for over 30 years.I have supported many women to identify and achieve their goals and change their life.

For a short time only, I am offering  a complimentary 30 minute “It’s my time!” consultation! 

What you can expect from your free 30 minute “It’s my time!” consultation – during the session you WILL;

  • Identify the major issue that is impacting your life right now
  • Develop an individualised action step that you can implement immediately that will support you to move towards your goals and dreams

This is a limited time sensitive offer, available to the first five women who jump in now! Just click the link, choose a day and time that suits you, and I’ll “see” you soon.

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