I recently wrote an article on the need for us to “Forget the gurus” and how important it is to follow our own path and discover our inner wisdom (see https://www.linkedin.com/pulse/forget-gurus-kay-ross). This has generated some discussion, including … “are you saying that we already know everything and that there is no point in learning from anyone else?” The answer is “no” that is not what I am saying. My challenge to you is to use your own intuition and not just rely on someone else, who doesn’t really know you, to give you all of the answers. Our own inner wisdom is a powerful force that many of us do not harness – whether that is because you don’t know it is there or you are scared of where your inner wisdom will take you (it may be on a path that is completely different to where you ‘thought’ you should go!) You can also watch my FB video where I respond to some of these comments.

After lots of inner work I have realised that the gurus that I have been following (and some that I have spent a lot of money and time on) are not working for me anymore. I recently tried to give feedback to the head coach of a very popular program and half-way through our conversation I realised that she was sprouting the very same words that I had heard her say in our group coaching sessions. She was just repeating, word for word, what she had been taught to say and she wasn’t able to even listen to my concerns because I was asking questions that fell outside her box of regurgitated responses (by the way this is NOT coaching – rather it is advice giving or teaching which isn’t what I was paying for!)

This got me thinking – is she really someone that I want to learn from? And the resounding answer is “NO”!  I have tuned into my own inner wisdom and have found that I do have the answers I need to move forward. The challenge is – I need to do something different to what everyone “thinks” I should do!

Stay tuned for what happens next!

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