Intuitive Dream Clarity Life-Purpose Program



The six week group coaching

“Intuitive Dream Clarity Life-Purpose Program” is  for women entrepreneurs who want to use dream work to unlock their gifts

and treasures so they can excel in life and business!


I am excited to invite you to the brand new

Intuitive Dream Clarity Life-Purpose Program

This brand new six week coaching program is for female entrepreneurs who want to explore what their dreams mean, gain clarity for their journey ahead, unlock their hidden gifts and treasures and excel in their life and business.

Hi! My name is Kay Ross and I am an intuitive dream coach and counsellor. I have been working with women and their dreams for over 30 years and I love nothing more than supporting women to unfold their dreams and gain clarity and alignment in their life and business! 

If you have a dream and you want clarity in your decision making and what to do next, then it is time to invest in yourself and your dreams!

I have also facilitated dream and intuition workshops and trainings at Universities, Colleges, Business and Community groups. I have Diplomas in Process Oriented Psychology and Life Coaching and Certificates in Gestalt Therapy and Transactional Analysis

What is included in the 

Intuitive Dream Clarity Life-Purpose                Program?


6 weeks of group coaching calls

6 weekly group coaching calls each based on the week’s topic. You will have the opportunity to have your questions answered and also receive individual coaching. Calls are recorded so you can watch later if you couldn’t make it ‘live’! 

Private Facebook Group

Join a community of like-minded women who are on the same journey. Also includes Facebbok lives for Q & A, feedback and ongoing support for the duration of the program!


Individual Coaching

One 30 minute individual coaching session with Kay – this can be scheduled at any time during the 6 week program!

Weekly topics

Week 1 – All about dreams why do we dream, what is a dream, how to remember my dreams – in this session we will explore what dreams are, the purpose of dreams and discuss ways to remember your dreams. 

Week 2 – Deep diving into your dreams 3 easy steps to find meaning in your dreams. This is a practical session where we will deep dive into your dream and unfold its’ hidden meaning. 

Week 3 -Develop a plan to achieve your dreams what to do and how to do it. Most people do not look at what our dream plan is – in this session we will develop a 3 step strategy to achieve your dream!

Week 4 – How do I find and achieve my life purpose? This question often arises when we are looking at doing things differently – in this session we will discover how to identify your life purpose and ways of going forward to what you are here to do!

Week 5 – What is my story and how do I tell it? Stories are one of the most important tools you can use to to tell people who you are and how you got here! Using dreams as a stepping stone to aligning yourself with your story is a powerful step forward!

Week 6 -Cook and bake and make it real! This is the session where we toss all the ingredients into the bowl, mix them up and bake them. Here we will look back to where you were 6 weeks ago and identify how you are moving forward! We will celebrate the new you – the person you have become!

What people are saying …

Kay has amazing wisdom in this area. She has helped me interpret my dreams on several occasions with outcomes that have guided me to understand the real connection between my dreams and what is going on in my life. It is such a fun thing to do!



Having had a some not so good experiences with dream analysis in the past, I was reticent to give Kay a go. Never know, unless you say yes. Well, I gave her a fragment of a dream I dreamt 15 years ago. All I can say wow! She asked a couple of questions and there I was feeling fabulous with a greater insight into me. Go and see Kay, you will be pleasantly surprised. ❤️😄


Health Coach

I absolutely loved being able to do this work with regards to business. I was reminded of how very powerful dream interpretation is (I had forgotten and dismissed it as something just a bit of fun).

It’s awesome powerful stuff, and Kay held the space beautifully. If you have a dream that you want interpreting, contact her and be prepared to be surprised!



Having studied and facilitated dream work myself as a holistic counsellor, this type of work is not new to me, and I found Kay to be awesomely skilled at helping me to unpack the meaning behind my dreams and reflect on how it applies to my business.




6 week “Intuitive Dream Clarity Life-Purpose Program”


Your investment for the entire program is only $147 (AUD). 


How much does all this this cost?

Your investment for the entire package, including one 30 minute individual coaching session, 6 group coaching calls and a private Facebook Group is only $147 (AUD). This is a special introductory price for this Program only; the price is set to rise in early 2020. Book your place now – there is a maximum of ONLY 10 women for this first program!

Why is the program so cheap?

This is a brand new group program, based on my experience of working with clients individually over the last 20 years. Because I have not offered this as a group program before, I decided to start with a low-priced program to ensure that the content and group work are exactly what female entrepreneurs want and need. In exchange, I will be asking for feedback during the 6 weeks, as well as a video-testimonial at the end! 

This is the ONLY time that the program will be offered at this price. Following programs will cost more – the next program, scheduled for early 2020, will be priced at $597! Grab your spot now!

When do we start?

The first group coaching call is during the third week of October (M-F) – the date and time will be confirmed after you sign up! All group coaching calls will be recorded and will be available for the duration of the program!

What time will the ‘live’ calls be?

Depending on where everyone lives, I will endeavour to make the times accessible for most people. This may mean that the time of the calls may be different each week so that people in different time zones will be able to participate “live” at least some of the time – all times will be posted on FB and you will also receive email reminders. And don’t worry – if you can’t make it live, all calls are recorded and accessible for the duration of the program.

How many women will be in the group?

To ensure that everyone has the time and space to fully immerse themselves in the program, this intake will be limited to only 10 participants (there is a minimum of five women to start)

Is this program open to everyone?

The program is open to female entrepreneurs who would like to dive deep into their dreams, gain clarity and develop a plan to achieve their life purpose and who are committed to completing the full 6 weeks and who are open to new experiences, including working on their own dreams, tapping into their intuition, discovering their life purpose and sharing their journey with other participants.

To ensure that everyone has the time and space to fully immerse themselves in the program, this intake will be limited to only 10 participants (there is a minimum of five women to start)

Book your place now – these WILL fill fast!

What if I’m shy and don’t like interacting online?

Let’s have a chat to see if this would work for you! – this may not be the program for you if you can’t commit to fully participate, including sharing your own journey and providing feedback to other participants. During the “live” calls there is no obligation to ask questions or receive coaching but you will be expected to fully participate in the FB group.  All participants also commit to providing a video testimonial which may be used for promotional purposes. Click here to send me a message or to ask a question!

Is there a guarantee that the program WILL work for me and that I will receive clarity about my own life purpose?

The guarantee is that if you fully participate in the program, complete all the exercises and are willing to do the innerwork, then something WILL change! What that “something” is does depend on your willingness to provide and receive feedback and to “do the work!” Some participants will find that the journey continues after the six weeks have finished because we are all “a work in progress!”  A part of the program is to develop a three step plan to achieve your goals – this three step program may not be possible to complete during the six weeks, so you may not fully realise all of your goals until after completing the program! So jump in now – before you miss out!

What if I don't always remember my dreams?

Don’t worry – we can unfold old dreams, snippets of a dream and also day dreams. All dreams contain messages, nuggets and clues to help clarify what you need to do next!

What can I do to remember more dreams?

There are a few tricks that you can do to start remembering your dreams. The first thing you can do is set the intention to remember your dream – before you go to sleep, say to yourself, three times; “I will remember my dreams!” This tells your subconscious that you are ready to remember your dreams. Also have a pad and pen next to your bed to jot down anything you remember when you wake up – do this immediately – otherwise you’ll find that your dream WILL disappear!

More questions?

If you have any questions, click here to contact me!

“Intuitive Dream Clarity Life-Purpose Program”

Your investment for the ENTIRE program is ONLY $147 (AUD). But be quick, because the price is set to rise in early 2020!

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