As a coach Kay supports you to explore your personal and proefessional goals and issues, and discover how these are intertwined with your own life journey. You will also discover how your issues intersect and affect you holistically and then develop strategies to address them. You will develop tools to address what YOU want to change, whether you want to improve your health, make decisions about relationships, career guidance or anything else that keeps you awake at night..

Why choose Kay?

Kay has been working as a Coach for over 20 years and is a Certified Coach, Registered Nurse, Counsellor and Educator. Kay works  work with women who need a helping hand and guidance to reach their goals.

Kay is familiar with many of the issues that women face when deciding to work with a coach – she says “I know what it’s like to feel stuck, knowing that I need to do something different but not doing it! I realised that I needed more than knowledge to achieve my own goals. Using a combination of coaching tools has enabled me to move forward on my own journey and I look forward to supporting you on YOUR life travels – wherever that might take us.”

Coaching with Kay!


Why coaching?

The easy answer is – because our lives are changing rapidly. In the past we had extended family members and elders to provide support and offer guidance, For many people that doesn’t exist anymore and a coach can help fill that void and provide support for moving forward.


Skills & training

Not all coaches have completed an accredited coaching program and some lack the skills or expertise to coach anyone, so you need to do your homework and ensure that your coach is qualified to support you on your life journey! Kay is a Certified Coach who has the skills, knowledge and expertise to guide you as you move forward to achieve your goals.

Kay's expertise

Kay has developed the skills and expertise as a coach to support women on their life journey, including relationships, career, family, health (Kay is also an RN) and those niggling issues where you are not sure what to do.

How do I choose?

The best way to choose a Coach is to do your homework and ask for a sample session. You should also research their qualifications, skills and expertise as well as testimonials from former clients. Kay is happy to book you in for a FREE Discovery Call – click here “Book a Discovery Call’  to book your FREE session.

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