Shout louldy for help!

If you need help, yell LOUDLY! Don't be polite - otherwise you will drown, unnoticed in the ocean of overwhelm! And if no-one hears, keep shouting until you are heard. Ane when help arrives - grab it tightly until you are back on solid ground. I recently dreamt about...

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Saying goodbye to 2019

It’s hard to believe that 2019 is almost over. What happened? Lately I’ve been talking to friends and colleagues about 2019 and most are saying that basically 2019 ‘sucked’ Not just personally, but professionally as well. Other comments include;       Nothing really...

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Do YOU need a guru?

I recently wrote an article on the need for us to “Forget the gurus” and how important it is to follow our own path and discover our inner wisdom (see This has generated some discussion, including … “are you...

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Lessons from my phone battery!

Recently, the battery on my phone was draining really fast and I knew that it would soon hit zero. So, I did what any good business woman would do – I asked an expert why my battery was draining so fast. She looked at my phone and said “… you’ve got too much junk on...

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