Talking about lifestyle risk factors!

I have been thinking lifestyle risk factors this since I was recently admitted to hospital with acute chest pain. Once I realised that I wasn’t having a heart attack and that my life wasn’t in immediate danger, I was very thankful for my nursing background because,...

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How to spot a “fake” Health Coach!

I recently saw the headline “Model/influencer Tegan Martin has been accused of 'exaggerating' her health qualifications.” ( and Belle Gibson, a ‘wellness’ blogger has been accused of fraud and deception -...

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Life Balance!

More and more people are talking about ‘life balance’ and what that means to their quality of life. This is especially true at this time of the year when we take a moment to ponder of where we are, how we are felling and where we want to be! Life balance can be...

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Is your coach really a coach?

What is coaching? I have been a coach for many years, after transitioning form counselling and teaching, I completed my coach training in the US and then updated my coaching studies in Australia. These studies included many hours of study, practice, supervision,...

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Can you get away with “white lies”?

Can you get away with “white lies”? How important is it to be completely transparent in what you are doing as a small business owner? This article explores a growing phenomen where replay webinars are adverised as "live"! Fake "Live" webinars Over the last few months...

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“Don’t worry – Not every deal is winnable!”

“Don’t worry - Not every deal is winnable!” This is the message that came up this morning when I was playing a game. My first reaction was – oh. Well then, I shouldn’t get upset if I don’t win – it was probably one that I couldn’t win anyway! After I thought about it...

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