What is your relationship myth?

Your “relationship myth” underpins YOUR relationship, how it is happening in the moment and where it is headed! It impacts on every aspect of your relationship because it is the foundation of your story that influences your relationship on a moment-to-moment basis....

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Choosing to be grateful!

How hard is it to keep going when you don’t have your work/job routine anymore? There is research that shows that people are more likely to die after they retire because they are no longer part of the workforce which means that there is no-longer the day-day routine...

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Who am I?

My recent post, where I talked about being “terminated”, is part of the broader picture of “transitions” and how we often identify ourselves according to “what we do” and not “who we are!” Many of us identify ourselves by our role, including “mother”, “grandma”,...

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Surviving “termination!”

Lately, I have been working with women who needed support through their life transitions, including retirement, moving house, losing a job, divorce, and death of a loved one. As I was looking at the issues that these women have raised, I realised that many of these...

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Talking about lifestyle risk factors!

I have been thinking lifestyle risk factors this since I was recently admitted to hospital with acute chest pain. Once I realised that I wasn’t having a heart attack and that my life wasn’t in immediate danger, I was very thankful for my nursing background because,...

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How to spot a “fake” Health Coach!

I recently saw the headline “Model/influencer Tegan Martin has been accused of 'exaggerating' her health qualifications.” ( and Belle Gibson, a ‘wellness’ blogger has been accused of fraud and deception -...

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