Falling in love with running online groups

2020 is the year to fall in love with online groups. Falling in love requires time, commitment and going in with your eyes open. So ... how can you fall in love with running an online group when you dread the thought of doing it? The first thing is to explore the WHY...

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Finding the solution!

Wow - no-one could have predicted that in 2020 we would be in lockdown with very little contact with the outside world. Some of us see this time as an opportunity to get done all those things that we haven’t had time for. Others are feeling stuck and not sure what to...

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Grieving is normal

I feel so tired but I’m not doing anything to make me tired. I have trouble sleeping and I am just dragging myself out of bed. I have lost all my enthusiasm for everything. I have no energy. I just can’t be bothered doing anything. If you have thought any of these...

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What does your symptom have to say?

Stating the obvious Sometimes the most obvious answer is staring us in the face! This week I was challenged to offer my services differently and to include working with women who have health challenges, including pain, chronic illness etc My initial response was “no”...

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Let me off!

Old dreams! I woke up this morning thinking of a dream that I had a few years ago. In the dream I was on fast moving train, and I couldn’t get off - it was going too fast. When I unfolded the dream I realised that my life was going way too fast and I felt like I...

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It’s MY time!

How many times have you told yourself that it’s time to do something different? That this time you WILL do something about always feeling tired and overwhelmed? Or that living with chronic illness/pain is no longer an option and you will find something that helps? Or...

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