Any CPD will do!

Can I use on-line courses towards my yearly CPD hours?
February 24, 2016

Any CPD will do!

The other day a nurse commented that she “needed to hurry up and get some CPD hours before her annual registration was due, so I’ll have to have a look and book into something.”

This is a common mistake with some health professionals assuming that any CPD will do!  However, the Australian Nursing & Midwifery Council is very clear on this issue, stating that;

Maintenance of competence includes participation in ongoing professional development to maintain and improve knowledge, skills and attitudes relevant to practice in a clinical, management, education or research setting. (ANMC, 2008:2)

This means that any CPD needs to related to the health professionals’ area of practice. In a nutshell, if someone works in aged care, they would have trouble justifying attending a CPD workshop on “Neonatal Management”! Attending a CPD activity that doesn’t relate your area of practice cannot be counted in the mandatory CPD requirements.

Consider the following scenario;

Sally is a midwife in a community midwifery led centre where she has worked for 4 years.

“I completed an on-line palliative care course. Although it was mainly focused on adults, the principles of loss and grief are also relevant for supporting parents whose baby has died. I also learnt the importance of follow-up and ensuring that family members have someone to talk to when they are grieving.”

Although Sally completed a general course on palliative care course she was able to clearly relate it to her own practice, thus demonstrating it’s relevance to her practice.

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