About me!

Who am I? This is a question I often challenge clients to ask themselves – and now I am asking myself the same question so that I can let you know a bit about me!

Firstly, I am a feminist from way back – that means I fight for equality for women and I am fiercely proud of that part of me! I was a nurse for many years – that really highlighted for me, the importance of caring, compassion, knowledge and skills – these are the principles that I have carried through into my life, personally and professionally!

I have worked as an Educator (I taught nurses and other health professionals for many years), a counsellor where I focussed on women’s issues, including self-esteem, communication skills, relationship issues, grief and loss, drugs and alcohol use and survivors of abuse.  I am also a Certified Coach and I use my intuition, skills and expertise to support women to achieve their hopes and dreams and “create their ideal life!”

I live in Australia on the Gold Coast and I feel blessed that I live in the best place on earth. My partner and I are 20 mins from the beach and, most days, you will find us walking on the beach, enjoying the sand, sunshine and the fresh sea air!

I recently asked some of my friends “what word would you use to describe me?” Here are some of their responses –

Creative – I often “think outside the box” to create solutions that otherwise might not have been accessed!

Stubborn – (I like to reframe that as persistent). Often clients comment that they know that I was there for them “no matter what”. I don’t give up!

Caring – working with critically sick children meant that my “caring” was an essential part of my work)

Focussed -I  cut through the all the “excuses” to uncover the real issues

Funny – I have been known to use my sense of humour to break the tension and to support women to move from where they might be stuck!

Empathic – “walking in someone’s shoes” provides me with the insight that brings about transformation. Being “in touch” with someone’s experiences is the catalyst for support and change

So … if you are looking for a creative, caring, stubborn, focussed, funny and empathic coach, then you are in the right place. Together we can face whatever is holding you back from creating your ideal life.

The next step could be the hardest – making the decision to do something different. Contact me and let’s chat and see whether we are a good fit to work together. And as the old saying goes – “Do it now!”

More …

If you asked me what I love doing, I would need to give you a few answers, because I love to bring in all of me – the coach, counsellor, speaker, presenter, workshop leader, dreamer and nurse. These are all a big part of me and if I didn’t emabrace “everything that makes me who I am” then I wouldn’t be able to support others to be everything that makes them who they are! Here are a few of the things that I LOVE doing;

Presenting/speaking/training – I found my calling as a speaker and presenter when I first started teaching student nurses. To my surprise I discovered a part of myself that thrived being “on stage” and sharing my skills, expertise and knowledge. I have always received glowing feedback, both with face-face and online presentations.

Here is what Beverley Scheepers from the IOPO had to say about one of my recent presentations –

Kay presented on Motivational Interviewing techniques at our recent IOPO conference and was just fabulous! Her session was very rich in content, she clearly knows her stuff, and she had obviously done her research to tailor the content to the audience. She was relaxed, relatable and funny, and got glowing feedback from all the delegates. Thanks Kay!

Intuitive coaching – I LOVE working with dreams, intuition, life purpose and creating your ideal life! As an intuitive coach, I harness my intuition and creativity for women to achieve their dreams and live their ideal life,

Feedback from Tania Barker about working with her dream reflects my passion for this work –

Kay definitely delivers on her word! In 20 minutes, I received deeper embodied clarity on a dream and how it was impacting my business if I didn’t make course corrections. I connected to my next Empowering step, which I knew conceptually but with Kay’s masterful and expert guidance I was able to really FEEL it deep inside.


So, enough about me! What about YOU? What do you want? Are you ready to create your ideal life? Is there an area that you want more clarity and insight? If you answered “YES” then let’s chat! Click the button and book a time that suits you. Together we’ll decide if we are a good fit to work together – and if it’s a YES, then let the journey begin! I can’t wait to “meet” you soon!”

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