Who am I?

Hi! My name is Kay Ross and I am a Coach, Speaker and Trainer. In my past life I was a nurse, educator and lecturer and those skills and background are vital in my present business as I work with women to achieve their dreams and follow their own path! I work with women who like to think outside the box and explore options that don’t always follow what ‘experts’ tell us we should do. Expect me to inject humour and fun into what we do together without taking away from the seriousness of our work. I am not afraid of speaking out and I don’t shy away from naming the ‘elephant’ in the room! I also run workshops and webinars and and I love presenting and speaking at conferences, seminars and training.

Kay Ross

Kay loves working with women to develop their own business, grow an existing business or unfold new ideas, dreams and challenges

What I've been up to!

Masters of Education (University NSW)
Certificate IV Life Coaching (Life Coaching Academy, Qld)
Certificate in Speaking/Presenting (National Speakers Association)
Diploma Process Work Counselling (Process Work Center, Portland OR)
Certificate IV in Workplace Assessment & Training (Onkaparinga TAFE)
Accredited Trainer Chronic Condition Self Management (Flinders Human Behaviour & Health Research Unit)
Chronic Condition Self Management (FHBHRU)
Living Well Self Management (FHBHRU)
Registered Nurse, Midwifery & Intensive Care Certificates

Past endeavours!

I have worked with the corporate sector and higher education institutions to develop and implement education strategies that address learning and training requirements. I offer a range of services, including professional, education and business course development, online training and education solutions and tailored project management solutions.

My previous clients include Flinders University; SA, University of South Australia, College of Nursing; NSW, Linfield and Walla Walla; USA and businesses including ACH, Ausmed Conferences, NurseLink, Southern Adelaide Palliative Services and Royal District Nursing Service (SA)